15 Artists 2012 - Redcliffe Art Gallery

'breathless', one of two works entered into 15 Artists 2012 at Redcliffe Art Gallery has won this years prize.


15 Artists is an annual invitation only exhibition organised by the Moreton Bay Regional Council held at Redcliffe Art Gallery, Redcliffe.  The 2012 prize and exhibition includes the work of a number of significant and emerging Australian artists, including Christian Flynn, Alasdaire Macintyre, Chris Longlois, Tyza Stewart and Joachim Froese.

On Monday the 10th of December the prize was awarded to 'breathless' a work made specifically for this exhibition.  The premise of the exhibition being that one of the works submitted should reflect or comment on the Moreton Bay region.  I chose to take this opportunuty to realise a work that employs a simple optical effect that I have been experimenting with for some time.  Breathless is an attempt to capture the effect of intense light, still air, still water and high humidity - a perculiar combination occationaly experienced at Moreton Bay.  On days when this occurs, the horizon is almost invisible and the sky and sea seem to merge resulting in an almost hypnotic scene in which the eye can easily trick the brain.



101 x 121 x 13cm

Enamel paint on acrylic, Aluminium, LED's, 12V Transformer

youtube video click here

The exhibition runs until January 19th 2013 at Redcliffe Art Gallery - 470-479 Oxley Avenue Redcliffe Queensland - Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm

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