22nd of July - 13th of August 2011

An exhibition of recent work will be held at BMG ART in Adelaide to coincide with SALA month.

These new works are part of continuing series of intricate, complex and delicate objects contained within and protected by glass specimen jars.

Stack (dopiododecaphonic) 2010

speakers, tin solder, glass, wood, brass - 16 X 23 X 16cm


Brett Ballard (formerly of Rex Irwin Art Dealer, Sydney ) says;

"The bell jars enclose visual puzzles and are worlds unto themselves. It is the isolating of forms in a surreal manner which amplifies their strangeness. We look into these domes, curious to the fact that the objects held within resist easy identification.

It is also obvious, despite titles such as The rhetorical triangle, Glazed over and Water will find its own level, that Austin's bell jars are less about illusion than would first appear. They proceed from form to title and internal repetition and attention to components suggest they have been conceived in this way. Unlike painting which is tied to illusion, sculpture is made and exists in actual space and demands that we read it for its explicit, self referential qualities."


31-33 North Street

West End Adelaide

South Australia

08 8231 4494 

Gallery open - Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 5:00pm

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