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Made to Measure

Made to Measure

6 recent works by Lincoln Austin

Ipswich Art Gallery

25th February - 4th May 2010

Made to Measure

Art is a record of experience, of realisation, of aspiration, decision, frustration,pleasure...

Objects hold within them evidence of their history, of their making and of their life that is ongoing.

Objects are a measure of their maker. Objects are measurements in and of themselves and measures of those who observe them. The rhythmic repetition of a pattern or structure creates its own unique unit of measurement.

The meter of my day to day is measured out in work done and work to be done.

As an artist I am able measure my life through the activity of making sculpture. This activity, which occurs in the moment between the reflection of work done and anticipation of that which remains undone, requires a complete engagement of the full spectrum of faculties.

This process involves an intimate participation with material. Form is found through a considered engagement with time and space. Objects that are a product of this process are a kind of evidence of this experience.

If a photograph is a captured moment then an object is many captured moments.

Humans cannot help but compare in order that they might categorise.  Chosen categories of familiar or foreign, larger or smaller, harder or softer, lighter or darker reflect and inform the observer.

We measure everything against ourselves, that which we think we know and what we think we do not know. Objects make us aware of ourselves. We negotiate our movement in time and space in relation to a world of objects or their absence. Life, as a result, becomes multi-dimensional. 

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