Every Precious Drop 2015

Every Precious Drop


27 CNC routered acrylic screens of various sizes

Mater Private Hospital Sprinfield, Queensland

The concept behind the ripple pattern employed in Every Precious Drop is the convergence of a number of streams of thought; water and its long association with healing, water as universal element binding all cultures and the ripple as a metaphor of action.

Each ripple represents the potential far reaching consequences of the action of one. The Mater Hospital exists thanks to the hard work of the Sisters of Mercy and as a result of the determined action of their founder Catherine McAuley.

Water has a long a persistent relationship with healing and health, both physically and spiritually.  Many ancient cultures understood the importance of good hygiene and its effect on health.  The Hellenic philosopher and physician Hippocrates (c. 460-370BC) in his famous treatise 'Airs, Waters and Places' discussed the necessity of good quality water for both drinking and bathing in the pursuit of good health. Almost all religions and cultures, both modern and ancient, revere water.  Hindus bath in the sacred waters of the mother Ganges to be blessed and healed, Christians are initiated into the Church through the primary sacrament of water, Buddhists and Muslims wash to purify the body before entering the Temple or Mosque.

Water is common to us all, our bodies are made of around 65% water, the surface of our earth is 71% water.  We found cities and congregate in places with a reliable supply of clean, fresh water, we search the galaxy and beyond in the hope of discovering this most precious and elemental substance...water.

This work was made with the assistance of

IAM Projects


Silver Thomas Hanley Architects

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