Habena 2013

The world moves through us as we move through the world.  Along the way our actions and interactions have effects, influence and consequences.  Each of us is both influenced and influential - we participate in each others lives in ways that are often unknown and unpredictable.  The resididual memory of the observed, the experienced and the remembered can reach beyond generations - the influenced becomes influential. I never met Br Gerry Burke but through conversation with Br Vince Skelly I have gathered he was a man of compassion and caring.  A man who understood that through treating all with respect, concern and love he was influencing the world in a possitive way and will continue to do so through the actions and words of those he has influenced.

Special thanks to St. Leo's college for the opportunity to realise this work, to Br Vince Skelly for organising the funds for this commission and to Ferrier Baudet Architects for their support.

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