powder-coated steel, acrylic paint, soft-fall rubber, concrete

480 X 670 X 980 cm

Aracadabra is believed to have its origins in the Aramaic language from around the 3rd Century AD - people believed this magic word had properties to heal and protect from illness. Abracadabra is a maze of coloured vertical pipes located outside of the Paediatric Emergency Department of Prince Charles Hospital, Chermside. The work is a space for play, designed to both enclose and enliven a space for children and adults visiting the hospital or resident in the adjacent temporary accommodation suites.

Making a space that satisfied the necessary playground safety standards, that encouraged imaginative and various play, and that worked as a sculpture was a difficult and exciting Challenge.

Commissioner - Queensland Health Curator - Public Art Unit - Project Services Architect - PDT SDH Health Planning and Architecture

Fabrication - Albert Smith Group

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