Once Again 2009

Once Again


Powdercoated aluminium, stainless steel, nylon

1420 X 340 X 60 cm

Once Again
The course is common,
experience parallel,
Incidents are recurrent,
formerly known,
Realisation is experience,
Once, again.


"On those stepping into rivers the same,
other and other waters flow."
Herakleitos (c.535BC - 475BC)

The primary experience and repetition

For all things experienced there must be a first time, this primary introduction will colour all future participation. On first encounter ONCE, AGAIN will be new, an observer will not know its scale until it is measured against things that are known, against oneself. Once the basic physical attributes of the object are understood the relationship with the object changes, it becomes familiar, with familiarity it becomes possible to look more deeply, to contemplate and to examine the subtleties of the work. With years the work will be measured against history.

The process of examining and judging happens most often unconsciously. ONCE, AGAIN is a reminder of a cognitive process, a vehicle for measuring ourselves, a marker against which to position ourselves in time and space.

The repetition of a form amplifies the effects of perspective, the simple lines are effected by light, colour literally reflects upon itself and hopefully encourages reflection in others. Varying light will gently (or sometimes dramatically) effect the work, casting shadow against the work and the wall behind, effecting the colours, etc. Each experience of the work will bring greater familiarity but each experience will be different.

Cities are full of routes, streets and laneways take us to where we want to go, we know from experience which route will take us where in the shortest amount of time or via some place we wish to visit on the way to our destination. We follow the routes we know, often without consciously deciding this is the way we want to go. Land marks remind us that we are correctly negotiating the route we wish to take.

Brisbane's river effects how we negotiate this particular city, it winds and twists through the suburbs and the inner city often forcing (or encouraging) us to deviate from the strait line. When a river crossing is necessary (such as will be the case with this new pedestrian bridge) many routes converge, once the crossing is complete these routes then fan out again taking us to our varied destinations.

This new route that will be provided by the lane running along the ground floor of the Northbridge building will be at first a new experience for all pedestrians, eventually it will become a familiar experience to many. Though familiar each experience is different, even if the path is well known to us there are always subtle differences in the route, slight variations in speed, direction, emotional state, purpose, memory.


Located in Santos Placebeneath the Northbridge building (between Turbot and Tank Streets) Brisbane City North Quarter.

Fabrication             Rockpress
Powdercoating Peerless Powdercoating
Engineering Ian Barnes & Associates
Consulting Positive Solutions
Architect Donovan Hill
Commissioner Nielson Properties Brisbane


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